Latest Additions

Amsterdam Paradiso 08/09/77 FLAC (15 songs) (58m) (Better quality, includes Sometimes, full version of Dagenham Dave, omits 5 Minutes) (Same gig as Amsterdam The Paradiso Club 02/09/77)

Glasgow  Barrowland 23/03/87 2nd gen aud - Rec2 - (fp49) (23 songs) (85m) Excellent audio

Southend on Sea Cliffs Pavilion 20/03/90 (Tape Upgrade) (23 songs) (88m) 

Mannheim Rosengarten Musensaal 18/10/92 (21 songs) (79m)

Manchester HMV 18/05/95  (07 songs) (29m) 

Konzert W Czerni (Polish TV) 1999  (26m) (Interview+partial songs)

JJ BBC6 Music Liz Kershaw 27/03/21 (07m) (stereo)

JJ Interview J Robb 04/05/21 (48m)

JJ Interview Dave Mason Show Radio Bath 14/05/21 (36m) (stereo) plus 3 Acoustic songs 1996

JJ & Baz Facebook Zoom chat 21/05/21 Rat Chat#6

Paul Roberts Interview Dave Mason Show Radio Bath 21/05/21 (46m) (stereo) plus 3 Acoustic songs 1997

JJ Interview Johnnie Walker BBC Radio 2 30/05/21 20m (stereo)
Hugh Cornwell 
Carlisle The Brick Yard 13/11/19 (25 songs) (104m) (own recording)

Edinburgh Liquid Room 15/11/19 (Soundcheck) (03 songs) (13m)

Bury St Edmunds The Apex 28/11/19 (24 songs) (107m)

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