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The Raven (Demo)-Tank (Revolver 78) 7 Inch Red Vinyl Single (02 songs) (08m)

Chippenham Gloldiggers 28/01/83 (2023 Transfer) (20 songs) (89m) (tape) 

JJ Burnel Interview 2 Zen 22/01/23 (16m) (stereo)     

Hugh Cornwell

London Watermans Arts Centre 26/01/96 (MD) (16 songs) (68m) Mixing Desk

Hugh Radio Bath Dave Mason Lost Radio Sessions 11/11/22 (10m) (stereo)

Edinburgh La Belle Angele 01/12/22 (28 songs) (121m) (own recording) (Clicks every 4 seconds+Distorted sound)

Edinburgh La Belle Angele 01/12/22  Set 1 N106 Recs #020.0 (61m) (15 songs)

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