Latest Additions

JJ Interview BBC 6 Music Rock Show 30/07/05  (22m) (stereo)
JJ Interview BBC 6 Music Rock Show 06/08/05  (179m) (stereo)
Summer Sonic Festival Japan 08/07 (27m) (03 songs+Interviews) (stereo)
Jet Black Interview Guildford Eagle Radio G- Live 02/12 (06m) (stereo)
JJ Interview Sounds of the 70s Radio 11/03/12 (09m) (stereo)
JJ Interview Radiotangra Tangta Mega Rock 28/03/12  (24m (stereo)
JJ Interview Radio Darwin 13/11/12 (14m)
Jet Interview Sverige P3 Radio 14/11/13 (09m) (stereo)
Tokyo Shibuya WWW 04/11/19 (Soundcheck) (12m) (03 songs) 
JJ Interview United Rock Nations 29/06/21 (26m) (stereo)
‘Dark Matters’  JJ Burnel Interview (Episode 647) Car Con Carne Podcast 18/08/21 (30m)
JJ&Baz BBCBreakfast 07/09/21 (08m) (stereo)
JJ Interview 10/09/21 (08m) (stereo)
Baz Warne Interview 10/09/21 Rock 'n Roll Ghost S7 E01 (52m)
Rockonteurs Gary Kemp Kemp&Guy Pratt - Podcast   Episode 52 - JJ Burnel 12/09/21 (66m) (stereo)
JJ & Baz NPR 12/09/21 (07m) (stereo)

Hugh Cornwell 
Dunfermline Carnegie Hall 11/03/09 (15 songs) (67m)
Brighton Concorde 2 25/03/09 (22 songs) (102m)
Amsterdam The Paradiso Kleine Zaal 10/10/09 (17 songs) (81m)
Bath Moles 18/11/09 (24 songs) (117m)
Eastney The Cellars 26/11/09 (02 songs) (06m)
Great Amwell  Stone Valley Festival South 14/08/21 (15 songs) (57m)

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